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Laminated Non Woven Carry Bags

Laminated Non woven Fabric is made of spun bond which can be recycled, naturally decompose and completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutant. Even though the bags look like a textile, they are in fact made from spun. No water is used in the production process and thereby not polluted. The material is recyclable thus environmentally friendly & assists with environment protection.

Laminated Non woven carry bags carries lots of useful properties like:

Liquid Repellent
Air permeability (Dehumidifying Factors)
Non allergies to human bodies
It is easily customizable.

Laminated Non Woven Bags are the most popular eco friendly bag because of their low cost, durability, and customability. These bags are made from hundred percent recyclable and reusable polypropylene material.We produce laminated non woven bags ourselves.

Laminated Non woven polypropylene is a practical fabric because it is strong and extremely lightweight, so it is convenient to carry as well as inexpensive to ship. The fabric is also comfortable and soft.